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Clerks Collections and Remittances


The budgets for all Florida's Clerks are posted online.

Click here to view the summary documents.

The law requires fees, fines, service charges and court costs to be sent to a variety of trust funds. The Distribution Schedule provides guidance on this aspect. The law also requires Clerks to send all monies from any of these fees using the state's Clerk of Court Revenue Remittance System payment portal.

Monthly, each Clerk sends collections to the state. All of these monies are tracked through a comprehensive data stream.  To view this data for each month, click on the below links.

Additionally, a monthly short-version of the data stream is created for court-system collections:

Clerks Financial Information

Financial Information

Clerks also are required to post approved budgets online and these can be accessed by clicking on the county links below:

Many of Florida's Clerks and Comptrollers post financial information on their websites, such as the county Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR), audits, budgets and other financial information. Those sites are linked below: